8-Year Wheated Bourbon Release Set

Bottle sales begin 9 am Aug. 23 at distillery gift shop

For all Wilderness Trail fans, the Aug. 23 gift shop release of our 8-year wheated Bourbon is a highly anticipated moment. For those of you who have known us for years, this release rates with our very first release of our flagship wheated Bourbon in April 2018. That’s been a minute!

But good things come to those who wait, and we know you wheated Bourbon fans will love the sweet nose on this release and taste of stone fruit, chocolate and coffee.

The Aug. 23 release is a bottled in bond small batch. Wilderness Trail’s small batch is a true small batch of 18 barrels. Our wheated bourbon mashbill is the same: 64% corn, 24% wheat and 12% barley.

The Bourbon used in the blend was distilled in our pot still before the distillery moved to 4095 Lebanon Road and started using a column still. 

Sales begin at 9 a.m. Aug. 23 with the Wilderness Trail 8 year Wheated Bourbon available at the Wilderness Trail Visitor Center, hours are 9am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday.  The sell price is $88 (plus tax).

Wilderness Trail 8 year Wheated Bourbon also will be available in select retailers in Kentucky Aug. 28.

Here are our tasting notes, but we encourage you to obtain a bottle and make your own! 

Nose: nectarines, sweet almond, honeysuckle, hazelnut and chocolate (Nutella) and tobacco.

Taste: complex and rich with stone fruit, chocolate, coffee with a dusting of cinnamon balanced with rich oak undertones.

Finish: long and evolves from toasted oak to sweet, orchard fruit into tobacco.

What reviewers are saying:

Jake Kratenberg with The Bourbon Flight:

The star of the show is the finish. Smooth, as all get out and hardly any burn. The burn you do receive is wanted, as it warms your heart. Touches of honey leak down your throat, with cinnamon and pepper following behind.

Fred Minnick on Instagram:

Seriously, this WT is the best thing I have tasted from them and it will no doubt be a contender in my Top 100. 

Date: Aug 23, 2023 — Aug 23, 2023