40,000 gallons produced to meet community needs

Wilderness Trail Distillery is more well known for its whiskey, but to support those on the front lines during the battle against the spread of Coronavirus it supplied healthcare providers and others with hand sanitizer. The distillery is not currently producing hand sanitizer, but has 4 ounce bottles for sale in its Visitors Center.

Other distillers also contributed to the effort. Read a Forbes article submitted by Fred Minnick about the efforts of Kentucky distilleries, featuring Wilderness Trail here

To watch a video of Wilderness Trail making and distributing to local healthcare workers and first responders, click here.

The photo above shows our first shipment to the Boyle County Health Department on March 21. The top photo shows, Shane Baker, Wilderness Trail owner, right, with Boyle County Health Department Director Brent Blevins as Blevins accepts the first delivery.

Those 400 gallons were distributed to our local hospital, Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, which also operates hospitals in our neighboring counties of Lincoln and Mercer counties. The first production also was given to our local first responders of firefighters, police and EMS and also long-term healthcare facilities.

Wilderness Trail supplied close to 40,000 gallons of alcohol toward the effort of making hand sanitizer as the distillery continued to keep regional front line responders and hospitals in stock.

Blevins said that the health department has strategically distributed to first responders and health care facilities in Danville and surrounding counties. “Once we got Boyle covered, we tried to focus on the counties that send people to our hospital. Our main goal is keeping Ephraim (the hospital) safe.”

The health department also is aiding local businesses that are remaining open. Baker pledges to continue the effort for the next several weeks to produce and provide locally during this time. “If we need to continue from there, we will,” he says.

Of course, Wilderness Trail has some great partners in this effort: Caverndale Farms in Boyle County and Walnut Hill Farm in Logan County are providing grain. Other partners are: Cardinal Ethanol, Owensboro Grain for glycerin and Minuteman Press owner Steve Martin for donating labels. Many thanks for your support.


Date: Mar 21, 2020 — May 02, 2020