Pets featured on barrel pick labels adopted

We have some good news to share. Three of the four local humane society pets featured on the labels for a barrel pick have been adopted.

We still have bottles from a delicious barrel pick of 114 proof wheated bourbon (We can ship in Kentucky!) and sales benefit the Danville-Boyle County Humane Society.
Furthermore, adoptions are up at Danville-Boyle County Humane Society. Read more online. 

“We emptied our adoption floor last weekend and hope to do the same again! It’s been absolutely amazing to see these pets go to good, loving homes and see the happy updates,” says Fizzy Ramsey, director of the humane society board.
Tucker is the only one who remains of the pets featured on the barrel pick labels. Ramsey describes Tucker, a 2 ½ year old pit bull mix, as “the most special of the pets featured.” She explains that he came to the shelter as a stray and was extremely fearful of other dogs.
“Rather than cowering he responded with aggression. That all changed with dog playgroups and he soon thrived in the play yard.”

Learning from foster care

While Tucker waits for a permanent home, he is staying with Saturday Adoption Specialist Kari Kuh. Kuh says he is adjusting to his new environment in positive ways.

“Tucker was a bit timid and shy when he came home with us in mid-March. He spent the first few days anxiously following the humans around and learning the basics about the doggie door while cautiously interacting with our resident dogs and keeping his distance from our cats. 
“It took about 10 days for him to stop pacing and start relaxing into our routine. A couple of weeks into his stay he began to engage in play with our dogs, and now entering our sixth week together he is best buddies with Trixie, the 75-pound, 9-year-old hound, and Buckaroo, the 8-year-old tripod treeing feist who weighs less than 15 pounds. Tucker keeps them hopping. He wants to play. ALL. THE. TIME! 
‘”Tucker has also learned how to interact with our cats. He desperately wants to hang out with them but won’t chase or hurt them. In fact, he regularly sleeps in the human bed with one of the resident cats!”
Tucker’s best life would be with an active couple or family with older kids that can give him plenty of exercise, playtime, and more basic training. He would prefer to have another dog to play with. His new family should also know he is still somewhat anxious. Loud noises and sudden movements can scare him.
If you’re looking for a guard dog, move on. Tucker isn’t much of a barking guy, you’re more likely to hear him make silly grumbling sounds during play or snoring once he’s finally tuckered out!

Tucker has been using the doggie door and going outside to potty consistently for four weeks. He knows “sit” and “lay down/down” but needs leash work and reminders not to chew on hands and blankets. He responds well to redirection and really wants to please. 
Tucker is sweet, enthusiastic, and loveable-we will miss him a bunch. With regular exercise, consistent training, and plenty of food and treats, this guy will make an excellent companion.

If interested in adoption, please contact the humane society at 859-238-1117. They now have a few more animals for adoption. They are open to the public 1-4 p.m. during the week with a limit of two people at a time.

Date: Apr 30, 2020 — May 31, 2020