Here's where you can find our Bourbon and Rye Whiskey

MarIf you’re a fan of Wilderness Trail’s Bourbon and Rye Whiskey we have great news for you. We’ve expanded to several states.

In addition to our home base of Kentucky where Heidelberg is our distributor, this is a list of states where Wilderness Trail is sold and who the distributors are.

Alabama: ABC Control State with Madvines and Spirits distributing

Alaska: Bill’s Distributing

Arizona: Pacific Edge

Arkansas: Arkansas Wine and Spirits

California: Pacific Edge

Colorado: Eagle Rock Distributing

Delaware: Prestige

Florida: Palomar Beverage

Georgia: Eagle Rock Distributing

Illinois: BC Merchants

Indiana: Crossroads Vinters

Iowa: ABC control state

Kansas: Worldwide Beverage

Louisiana: Wines Unlimited

Maryland: Prestige

Massachusetts: 21st Century Wine Co.

Michigan: Benchmark

Minnesota: Palomar Beverage

Mississippi: ABC Control State with Madvines and Spirits distributing

Missouri: ShowMe Beverages

Nevada: Pacific Edge

New Jersey: Vine Street Imports

New Mexico: Santa Fe Boutique

New York: PM Spirits

Ohio: Heidelberg

Oklahoma: Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors

Oregon:Strongwater Beverages

Pennsylvania: Vine Street Imports

South Carolina: Advintage

Tennessee: Athens Distributing

Texas: Palomar Beverage

Virginia: ABC control state

Washington, D.C.: Prestige LeDroit

Washington: Pacific Edge (Moda Beverage)

Wisconsin: Pequod Distribution

Wyoming: ABC control state

Europe: N10 Bourbons

In the ABC control states, fans of our spirits just have to ask their store to stock it. For instance, Virginia is a control state and is run by the state of Virginia ABC. Wilderness Trail is registered and in the system in Virginia and any store can place an order to stock it or to ship it directly to a person living there through that store for pick up. If you are looking for some of the latest Kentucky Straight Small Batch Bottled in Bond Bourbon with rye small grain, our Bourbon Single Barrel, Bottled in Bond Bourbon made with wheat or our infamous Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey Cask Strength, then please ask your local store to place an order for you!

Date: Mar 10, 2022