July 7

Frizz and Bob sit down with a whiskey legend and co-owner of Wilderness Trail Distillery (AND rock singer) Dr. Pat Heist. Together, we talk about the kickass brilliance of Slayer, the diversity of a casket, Jurassic Park, and how bourbon and bacteria, uh.. find a way.

July 5, 2022

Wilderness comes out on top! This has already gotten nearly 9,000 views since yesterday. Check it out! Never ending Earned Media!!

Bottled in Bond Round 3



May/June issue of Whiskey & Leisure Magazine. 

Our cover story this month is about sweet mash whiskey. We look into the difference between sour mash (which covers the majority of distilleries) and sweet mash process. We also ask the co-founder of Wilderness Trail Distillery to explain the process in a Q&A. The concept of sweet mash is not new, however, what is new are the number of distilleries turning 

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April 2022

Mike Veach


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Moonshiners American Spirits 8pm April 13

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March 2022

KY Living


Top ten list overseas in the UK market –


Fermentation Fever hits whiskey


30 of the Top Bourbons for Every Budget


Jan. 2022:

5 Bourbon Makers to Know Before They Go Mainstream

WTD’s owners came to their knowledge in a truly boss manner.


Jan. 2022

Lane Report Bourbon Flight

5 Bourbon makers to know


Oct. 21, 2021

For Wilderness Trail, Extraordinary Whiskey Is a Matter of Climate Change

For Wilderness Trail, Extraordinary Whiskey Is a Matter of Climate Change | VinePair

The 2021 VinePair Next Wave Awards | VinePair

Vinepair and bartenders 0921

We Asked 15 Bartenders: What’s the Best Bourbon for Beginners? | VinePair

Mike Veach

Six of My Favorite Rye Whiskeys Made By Kentucky Distillers – bourbonveachdotcom

Wilderness Road Hospitality video

Wilderness Trail Distillery_HQ.mp4 (dropbox.com)

WTD in the spring


Neck pour article with Pat weighing in


Due to its volatile nature, alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water. When it escapes as gas, alcohol occupies all of the available headspace in a bottle, and the proof of the liquid drops ever so slightly. This has the effect of subtly altering the spirit’s profile because different flavor compounds become more or less soluble at different concentrations of alcohol, Heist explains. “It’s like adding a drop of water,” he says.

Fred Minnick Barrel Picks – CraftShack – Buy craft beer online.

One of 11 single barrel picks at The Bourbon Festival September 16-19, 2021 in Bardstown. Tickets for The Bourbon Festival will be available beginning summer 2021.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival to Celebrate 30th Year with a Completely Reenvisioned Festival for 2021 | Distillery Trail

Jim Beam Institute: Pat speaking

Second annual James B. Beam Institute Bourbon Industry Conference going virtual for 2021 – Lane Report | Kentucky Business & Economic News


Bourbon Pursuit: Wild growth at Wilderness Trail with Dr. Pat Heist


Pat on “A Sip of Knowledge” show.

12 pm Feb. 2.

Wanted to let you know the registration page for the livestream is up and running here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/a-sip-of-knowledge-with-32

1/5/21 from Steve Coomes

Cheers to those who wait: I’m not against sourced whiskeys, but I’m impressed by distillery owners that make their own and let it sit until it’s actually good. Some favorites in my glasses this year include Wilderness Trail, Kentucky Peerless, New Riff, Castle & Key, Spirits of French Lick, Ragged Branch, Pennington and many others. Even better, these distilleries are making signature whiskeys designed not to match the tastes of big distillery products—especially so when with rye whiskies, where inspiration and experimentation is everywhere. My favorite rye for 2020 was a Wilderness Trail single barrel cask strength at 99 proof—6 proof below its barrel proof. Gobs of easy-sipping complexity in that one.  


Check out Sips, Suds, & Smokes’ blind tasting of samples

Go to 31:40 to hear the assessment of Wilderness Trail’s Rye Whiskey. They called Wilderness Trail a “darling” and named our Rye Whiskey their No. 1 pick and labeled it a “zinger.” They talked about Wilderness Trail’s innovations of low barrel proof entry and Kentucky-grown rye.


What is your song (sipssudsandsmokes.com)


Sustainable Bourbon: The Wisdom of Wilderness | Edible Kentucky & Southern Indiana (ediblecommunities.com)

30-second WLEX commercial


Wilderness Trail Top 100 Spirits of 2020

Small Batch is tied for 4th highest rated Bourbon of the year.

Chad and Sara’s Bourbon Night 2020 Gift Guide

Our 6 year wheater made the list for Chad and Sara’s Bourbon Night 2020 Gift Guide on YouTube. Skip to about 4:30 to see it. They also shouted out that we were on Jeopardy and gave a nice tribute to Alex Trebek.



Get in the spirit with spirits from Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville – YouTube



Bourbon Gypsy blog of John Arnold



Tokenized Bourbon



The biggest innovators in KY


Yeast role in Bourbon production



Bourbon Fellowship: At the end of the Trail: Wilderness Trail



The Greener Side Podcasts

The episode with Shane Baker is now up and we’re sharing it across our social media platforms. Here is the link on Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wilderness-trail-bourbon-plus-girl-meets-beer/id1518842448?i=1000490786126

Jonathan Greene

Host, Hops & Spirits


E.H. Taylor, the world’s best Bourbon


Kevin Gibson on Lion’s Share at Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons



Whisky Advocate BIB article



Bob Howell for Sips Suds and Smoke



MN blogger on the black label



Fred Minnick:


Yeast science: Highly likely yeast strains of today are like those of long ago.

Slight difference about fruity notes and performance considerations.


Best ryes to drink while watching virtual horse race



Kentucky Distillers’ Association members donate nearly 125,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to critical areas


Charitable donations


5 New Bottles of Whiskey You Have to Try in 2020

Independent whiskey darling